About Us

“I think of wine as an emotional language. It enriches our time with friends and family; it enhances health and nurtures joy. For me, it’s a true passion to create fine wines that can be shared with those you love.”
– Abby


“Every person is different. So is every moment. The right wine can bring out the best in both. This is why we do what we do—and why we love doing it.”

–Abby, Winemaker

Our story begins with a vision—and a journey.

Our founder, Abby, has always been inspired by the unique magic that happens when you bring people who care about one another together. He embarked on a global journey, visiting more than 50 nations around the planet, to gain a deep understanding of how different cultures connected with one another. With this insight and a world of cultural influences, Abby launched a successful home furnishings company, Abbyson.

Abbyson honored the tradition of his family’s rich heritage in building and design while pioneering new aesthetics and innovative ways of using spaces in the home. Now, Abby brings his artful dedication to crafting products that surprise and delight to the world of wine.

Acquisition of 150 acres of California vineyard was the first step in bringing this vision to life. As we produce our inaugural collection of wines, we’re bringing something new to the wine world: vintages that bring people closer and help strengthen the bonds that keep us connected.

Bottle by bottle. Glass by glass. Sip by sip. It’s all about spectacular moments—and enjoying them to the utmost with the people we love.

Our Wines

Abby Wine is proud to offer a collection of reds and whites that please the palate and gladden the heart. We’ve carefully crafted each bottle for the most enjoyable sensory experience…and a rewarding emotional one, too.


The Reds

  • Pinot Noir
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot


The Whites

  • Chardonnay
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Riesling


The Rosé

  • White Zinfandel
  • White Merlot
  • Pink Moscato

Our Process

The Grapes

Great wine is in our nature—quite literally. Our grapes come as a gift from Mother Nature, courtesy of the hills of coastal California. We curate our grapes carefully, with results you can taste in every sip.

Our Barrels

Aged in pure oak casks, Abby Wines are aged for the ultimate in subtlety and flavor. These are wines worth talking about—and perfect for having conversations over.

Our Methods

We use time-honored methods to age our wines. We’re passionate about the art of winemaking, and strict adherents to the science that allows us to bottle the magic.

Our Winemakers

Our winemakers are experts in the science of wine, and lifelong students of the artistry that goes into its creation. We respect the traditions of cultivation and production, yet we’re just audacious enough to question the rules in pursuit of a greater wine experience for our customers


Private Events & Social Gatherings

We can pair our wines with your event for a function that’s nothing short of spectacular.

We believe all of the life’s moments are events. But if you’d like to plan a special function or celebration at our vineyard, it’d be our pleasure to be a part of it. Or we can bring the party to you by pairing wines with your event. Either way, contact us and we’ll get it started.

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